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Turbo Strike Wipes Single Sheet

Turbo Strike Wipes Single Sheet

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Turbo Strike Wipes Single Sheet


Turbo Strike Wipes Single Sheet cleaner system is an inexpensive way for bowlers to preserve the condition of their bowling balls.  Now you can order them cheap online.

Most bowling ball manufacturers advise bowlers to clean the surface of a ball immediately after bowling to ensure longevity and great surface performance. By cleaning the ball right after bowling, you can prevent surface grime from penetrating into the cover stock. As lane dirt and oil penetrate into the cover stock, the bowling ball loses significant performance quality. Now you can keep your ball in perfect striking condition with these convenient, disposable travel cleaning wipes. There will be no more bottles and messy rags to tote around.

These wipes are approved for PBA and USBC competition. Unlike spray or liquid cleaners, Strike Wipes are actually permitted for use during competition.

turbo strike wipes

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